Our Mission

MOBILIZE Christian churches across Brazil for God’s mission.

EMPOWER leaders, pastors and missionaries that will serve in the Sertão* region.

FACILITATE the Sertanejo* to develop sustainable strategies for better living.

Multiply evangelical communities in the rural zones of the Sertão.

*Sertanejos are the people living in the rural area of the sub-region called Sertão.
**Sertão is one of the four sub-regions of the northeast of Brazil.

Our Vision

“To see the SERTÃO region filled with mature
Christian communities
that live
biblical values
and serve their people
in a holistic way.”

Our History

SAM global, a Swiss missions organization, has been working in regions such as Africa and Asia since 1889 . After they were informed about the dryness, poverty and idolatry of the Sertão region, as well as the needs of the inhabitants of the widespread amazon river delta, SAM global started working in Brazil in 1964. They began to evangelize the unreached, train leaders and plant churches amongst the Ribeirinhos (people that live along the Amazon river) and the Sertanejos (people that live in the Sertão region, north east of Brazil ). Located in Belém, Pará with the name MICEB (Christian Evangelical Mission in Brazil), they founded several projects such as PróRIBEIRINHO, PróPIAUI and ProVIDA. The plan from the beginning was to nationalize their work. So, after 5 decades of hard and fruitful work the Swiss missionaries left a legacy in the form of churches, training facilities and many trained leaders.
Now, since April 16th of 2013, the mission continues under Brazilian leadership with headquarters in Teresina, Piaui and a training facility in Demerval, Lobao. We function under the name PróSERTÃO.

We commit ourselves to the Lausanne Covenant and the Cape Town Commitment as well as to the Christian Evangelical Alliance of Brazil.

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